Usne Kaha Tha

Usne Kaha Tha, India, 16 December 1960

Nandu lives in a small town with his widowed mother. He is friendly with a young girl, Kamli. Kamli's father falls ill and hence her family relocates to a bigger town, Ambala. Years later, Kamli's father passes away and they return. Nandu and Kamli fall in love and want to marry. When Nandu's mother goes to meet Kamli's uncle, she is humiliated because of their poverty. Nandu then decides to join the army, with the hope that her uncle will consider him suitable enough to get Kamli married to him. But when he returns, Kamli is set to marry someone else. He then goes back to the army to try to forget Kamli. He is surprised to find that his superior officer, Ram Singh, is Kamli's husband. Disappointed with his fate, he knows not what to do. The war starts and he is called for it. But before going on war, Kamli takes a promise from him to protect her husband, which he does. And when Ram Singh asks a dying Nandu why he risked his life to save him, his last words are, "Usne Kaha Tha" [she had commanded so], giving the raison d'etre of the name of the film.

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Runtime: 150 Minutes
  • Director: Moni Bhattacharjee


Usne Kaha Tha is a 1960 Bollywood drama film directed by Moni Bhattacharjee starring Sunil Dutt and Nanda in lead roles. This film is Bhattacharjee's first independent directorial venture. He had previously assisted Bimal Roy on various films, notably Madhumati and Do Bigha Zameen. Bimal Roy produced this film under his banner "Bimal Roy Productions".

The film is based on a renowned Hindi short story of the same name written by Chandradhar Sharma Guleri which was published in 1915 in Saraswati. The writing is critically acclaimed for the "perfection of technique, characterization and effect". However, the film itself was a "none too smooth takeoff" and did not do well at the box-office. This was the debut film of actress, Indrani Mukherjee.