Upkar, India, 20 October 1967

Manoj Kumar played a village man 'Bharat', who sacrifices everything to get his brother educated. His brother (Prem Chopra) goes abroad and comes back a selfish man wanting his share of the property. But when war of 1965 between India and Pakistan breaks out, Bharat is off to the war; while his selfish brother, with the help of his greedy uncle, Charandas(Madan Puri) and some partners, tries to gain profit by selling drugs and blackmarketering in the market. In the end, Bharat returns as a war hero defeating the demon designs of the enemy and his brother repents as he is caught by the police (by the brother-in-law of Bharat). Hence, he vows to be a good & hardworking brother just like his Indo-Pak war veteran brother Bharat.

The movie also stars Asha Parekh as a doctor promoting family planning, Kamini Kaushal and Pran in his first positive character role. The film won the top spot at the box office in 1967. Madan Puri played the main villain with ease, full ability and command. The film won several major awards.

Many years later, Manoj Kumar said that one of the most beautiful screen images that stuck in his mind was a "half-lit Asha Parekh" in this film.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 175 Minutes
  • Director: Manoj Kumar
  • Awards: Filmfare Best Movie Award--Manoj Kumar, Filmfare Best Director Award--Manoj Kumar, Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award--Pran, Filmfare Best Story Award--Manoj Kumar, Filmfare Best Dialogue Award--Manoj Kumar, Filmfare Best Lyricist Award--Gulshan Bawra f


Upkar (उपकार) is a 1967 Indian Hindi film directed by Manoj Kumar.The film became superhit at the box-office. Manoj Kumar started his Mr. Bharat persona and his brand of patriotism & fearless courage with this film.