Toofan Aur Bijlee

Toofan Aur Bijlee, India, 01 January 1975

Detective Rana is after the bad guys Jugal, Zulfi and Laloo. However they murder him along with his wife and son. Out of his two daughters Madhuri escapes and is saved by a circus man Zorawar. She has promised her mother to avenge her family's death before running away from the villains. The other daughter Sheela, Madhuri’s look-alike, is kidnapped by the crooks and grows up to be a night club dancer, having lost her memory. Madhuri, with the help of her friends and her dog Tiger, finds the night club. She takes Sheela’s place. Azad, a young man whom Madhuri meets and falls in love with helps her fight the gangsters. Sheela also recovers her memory and falls in love with Azad. Finally, there is a chase scene with fights on top of trains and shootout in which Sheela is killed. Azad turns out to be a police detective and Madhuri and he get together.

  • Genre: Action
  • Director: Homi Wadia


Toofan Aur Bijlee (The Storm and Lightning) is a 1975 Hindi action film produced and directed by Homi Wadia. The music direction was by Chitragupta with lyrics written by Kafil Azar. The film starred Arvind Kumar, Zaheera, Bhagwan, Imtiaz Khan, Randhawa, Mohan Choti and Tun Tun.

The story is about twin sisters Madhuri and Sheela, both played by Zaheera, whose parents and younger brother have been killed by villains. The story follows Madhuri’s revenge against them, aided by a young man called Azad.