Teri Meherbaniyan

Teri Meherbaniyan, India, 03 June 1985

Ram (Jackie Shroff) is an honest young man, who accidentally hits a stray puppy with his motorbike. He takes it to the vet, then raises it as his own until it grows into an adult. One day, Ram and his dog Moti, comes to the village of the powerful and corrupt Thakur Vijay Singh (Amrish Puri). On the way his vehicle breaks down and he meets with beautiful Bijli (Poonam Dhillon), and both fall in love with each other subsequently. Thakur Vijay Singh's men, especially Munim Banwarilal (Asrani), and Sardari (Sadashiv Amrapurkar), have taken over the village and exploit the poor people. However, Ram soon becomes a voice for the villagers, helping them get their just rewards which Thakur denies them. Meanwhile, Thakur has his eyes on Bijli; he also has 2 slaves: a widow named Sharda Devi (Swapna), and Gopi (Raj Kiran), a man who is mute. Sardari and Munim clash with Ram, but retreat, beaten, to their boss. Ram helps Gopi and Sharda and assists them in their life, encouraging them to marry.

One day, Ram returns to the city for some business. Before leaving, he asks Moti to guard Bijli. But Bijli tires of the dog's constant attention and locks him up. Thakur Vijay Singh, along with Sardari and Munim, comes and tries to rape Bijli. Finding herself cornered, rather than let him touch her, she stabs herself, leaving her father (Satyen Kappu) distraught and close to insanity. An enraged and heartbroken Ram whips Moti for failing to guard Bijli, but Sharda and Gopi restrain him, telling him that Bijli herself locked the dog up. Eventually Ram himself is gruesomely strangled and stabbed to death by the three villains, with Thakur framing Gopi for the murder, who is arrested by the police and Jailed.

With Bijli dead, Thakur now turns his immoral attentions on Sharda and kidnaps heri. Thakur, Sardari and Munim celebrate, now that their chief opponent and tormentor is out of the way.

Moti who had witnessed his master's brutal murder, recollects every incident that precedes his master's killing - including his singing and dancing with Bijli - bites and barks his way into inflicting terror in the hearts and minds of his master's killers. With deadly canines and sharp claws, the dog bumps off each and every one of them - first Sardari, then Munim, and finally Thakur, in a hurricane mission to avenge Ram's murder. He has a little help from Gopi (who has escaped from the police), and with him rescues Sharda from Thakur's clutches. The revenge drama as it unfolds tugs at the heart-strings too, with scenes of Moti lying near his master's grave yearning to be with him again interspersed with the soulful, melodious title song 'Teri Meherbaniyan' sung by Jackieda to the dog in flahsback. Moti also displays a sharp mind with him leading the cops to the evidence of Ram's gruesome murder caught on tape by Ram's camcorder.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 140 minutes


Teri Meherbaniyan is a 1985 Indian Hindi super hit film by K.C. Bokadia. Dog Brownie played the lead role while Jackie Shroff and Poonam Dhillon played second fiddle.