Sutradhar, India

A cruel Zamindar, the local landlord, commits atrocities on the villagers. Young Kumar watches helplessly his father being beaten-up by his goons at his behest. He grows to become a teacher. Prerna, the only daughter of the school headmaster, comes back after studying in Calcutta to meet Kumar, her childhood friend. She admires his courage and determination to stand-up against the Zamindar. She joins Kumar in his efforts to bring together youngsters to form an organization for the welfare of village. Soon both get married. Kumar successfully contests election to become the new head. Prerna notices that Kumar is fast becoming the man he hated the most.


Sutradhar (Hindi: सूत्रधार) translation: Impresario) is an Indian colour Drama film of 1987. It was a feature film directed by Chandrakant Joshi starring Smita Patil, Girish Karnad and Nana Patekar in the lead roles. This film is dedicated to the memory of Smita Patil, who died before the film was released.