Sunehra Sansar

Sunehra Sansar, India, 15 August 1975

  • Genre: Romantic
  • Runtime: 150 Minutes
  • Director: Adurthi Subba Rao


Sunehra Sansar is a 1975 Bollywood film directed by Adurthi Subba Rao. It stars Rajendra Kumar, with Mala Sinha as his wife, and Hema Malini as his past love, who has re-entered his life to seek vengeance for abandoning her years ago.

The film is a remake of a Telugu film titled Pandanti Kapuram (1972).

In the annals of Hindi cinema, this movie, though not a commercial success, is unique for two reasons. First, it features music by Naushad combining for the first time with the lyricist Anand Bakshi. Secondly, this picture has for the first time Kishore Kumar singing a song (in a duet with Asha Bhonsle for which music was composed by Naushad.