Sun Sajna

Sun Sajna, India, 08 August 1982

Basanti (Ranjeeta Kaur), a lively young woman, lives in Madhupur with her father and uncle. Basanti owns a little shop called "Basanti's Shop". Here she sells various types of merchandise, most popularly dolls, that her blind neighbour (who she looked up to as her grandfather) made. Her childhood friend, Gopi, also owns a shop close to hers. He is secretly in love with Basanti and wants to marry her but Basanti does not have any interest in him, as her friend,Champa,is in love with him although he doesn't accept her love. One day, Basanti meets a singer named Raj Kumar (Mithun Chakraborty) at the hotel, "Tin Min". Raj Kumar instantly falls in love with Basanti and she does with him also, but she does not show it. Raj Kumar tries different ways into getting Basanti to admit she loves him and for him to get closer to her and her family, which involves him paying a gang of men to pretend to tease Basanti and then when he tries to save her, he'll beat them up, so Basanti's father and uncle would see Raj's bravery and how he wants to protect Basanti. Gopi, who sees Raj and Basanti were getting too close, pays the men more money than Raj was paying them to actually beat Raj. Basanti's father and uncle arrive and try to help Raj. Basanti's uncle cuts one of the men with a blade. The man vows that he'll get revenge and leaves. Basanti's family takes Raj home and makes him comfortable as he got hurt in the fight. Basanti and Raj have a little conversation where she tells him that she knows he paid the men. Soon enough, Basanti admits her love for Raj and the love birds spend some happy times until Gopi poisons Basanti's family against Raj. They tell Basanti she could never see Raj again, but they still meet on the sly and are caught. Raj says that he truly loves Basanti and he won't take advantage of her at all. Her family believes him and fixes his marriage with Basanti.

Gopi is shocked to find out this and tries other ways to get Basanti, but they don't work. Raj and Basanti would often go on the hill and dream of their married life together. But before the marriage could take place, Raj has to perform his show in Bombay and bring his mother to meet Basanti and for the wedding. Basanti and Raj do not want to be separated, even for a few days, but they patiently waited for the days to pass so they can marry. On the day when Raj and his mother were to return, they meet Basanti's uncle who offers them a ride back home. The man who also vowed his revenge is sitting on the side of the road when he sees Basanti's uncle and Raj. He gets into a truck and hits their car of the road.



Sun Sajna is a 1982 Hindi-language Indian feature film directed by Chander Bahl for Rajshri Productions, starring Mithun Chakraborty, Ranjeeta Kaur, Iftekhar, Ram Mohan and Jagdeep