Singapore, India, 19 August 1960

Shayam (played by Shammi Kapoor) has deputed his manager Ramesh to sell off his rubber estate in Singapore. While going through the old records, Ramesh finds a map revealing that there is a huge treasure in the rubber estate. He immediately writes to Shyam. But to Ramesh's surprise, neither does Shyam reply to his letters nor does he come to Singapore.

Ultimately, Shyam is contacted on the phone. But the line is cut in between the conversation. Failing to understand anything, Shyam flies to Singapore. Once in Singapore, Shyam comes to know that Ramesh has been missing since their conversation on phone was abruptly cut off. Shyam desperately starts searching for Ramesh. He informs the police and taps every source which could lead him to Ramesh. In his search he meets Lata (played by Padmini), an Indian dancer and comes to know that Lata's sister Shobha (played by Shashikala) is infatuated by Ramesh. He starts visiting Lata's place frequently, where he meets Shivdas (played by K N Singh), uncle of Lata.

One day, Lata, Shobha, Shivdas and Shyam go to the rubber estate for a picnic. At the very first opportunity, Shivdas steals the map leading to the treasure from Shyam's bag. Shobha sees this and follows Shivdas into the estate. Shyam follows too, but just to realise that Shivdas is shot by hoodlums and then the body goes missing. Just when he recoups from the shock, the hoodlums start to attack him.

Once he escapes from them and is headed to inform Lata that her uncle is dead, the police arrive to arrest Shyam with circumstantial evidence of murdering Shivdas. With Chachoo (played by Agha), he proves that he is not guilty, and brings down the whole gang led by Chang (played by Madan Puri).

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 135 Minutes
  • Director: Shakti Samanta


Singapore is a Bollywood movie released in 1960, starring Shammi Kapoor, Padmini, Shashikala, Agha, K N Singh, Madan Puri, Helen and Maria Menado. The film was directed by Shakti Samanta. This was one of the first full length Bollywood feature films to be shot in the foreign location of Singapore.