Sindoor, India, 14 August 1987

The film opens with widowed Laxmi (Jaya Prada), a loving and caring mother to Lalita (Neelam Kothari), a young college going devoted daughter. Ravi (Govinda) is a fellow collegian and a brilliant student. Gulshan Grover also is a student of the same college. Vijay Choudhury(Shashi Kapoor) joins the college as English Professor. He shares a good rapport with the students. After a few misunderstanding, Lalita and Ravi fall in love. In a college function, Lalita sings the song "Patjhad Saawan Basant Bahaar" where she forgets the lyrics and the song are completed by Professor Vijay Choudhury. Upon asking how he knew the song he replies that this was a very famous song and his wife's favorite. Lalita tells him she learned the song from her mother.

At his home, he remembers his wife and here the movie goes into flashback. Vijay and Laxmi are happily married couples. Vijay is a professor whereas Laxmi is a singing partner to Kumar (Rishi Kapoor in a guest appearance). They make a hit singing pair. This leads to budding misconception between Vijay and Laxmi. Vijay forces Laxmi to leave the home. That very day Vijay comes to know that Kumar is getting married and his misconceptions are cleared, but Laxmi is nowhere to be traced.

The movie comes back to present time. Laxmi knew about Lalita and Ravi's love and she meets Advocate Dharamdas (Kader Khan), Ravi's maternal uncle & guardian, fixes their marriage, with a condition to pass the final year exams with good numbers. Lalita asks Vijay for home tuition. On visiting Lalita's home, Vijay sees Laxmi in widow's attire, completely shocked (again having misconceptions) he resigns from the college. Lalita informs Laxmi about this. Laxmi meets Vijay at his residence. Tells him the story about her new avatar.

Again a flashback. After leaving his home, Laxmi came to Pune to meet her friend Sunita (Moushumi Chatterjee, the only photograph is shown in the movie). On the way, she saves a little girl named Lalita from an accident. Prem Kapoor (Jeetendra) is the father of this girl. He thanked Laxmi and ask her whereabouts so as to drop her home. Here she Tells him about her friend Sunita. Prem informs her that he is Sunita's husband and about her death, shows her Sunita's photograph in his room with garland over it signifying her death. He requests Laxmi to stay at least for a day as its Lalita's Birthday the next day and act like her mother as Lalita is heart patient and she doesn't know about her mother's death. To which she initially disagree but finally acts like her mother. On the very night of her birthday, Lalita is kidnapped by Shera (Shakti Kapoor), Prem's step brother. He asks for all of Prem's Properties as a ransom. To which Prem agrees, but Prem is stabbed by Shera while saving Lalita. Shera is imprisoned. While taking his last breaths, he requests Laxmi to take care and bring up Lalita as her own child. For saving Lalita from any shock and not letting Lalita know that she isn't her mother she acquires widow's getup. The story is again back to the present. Vijay apologizes to Laxmi for misunderstanding her twice.

He takes back his resignation and starts giving Lalita and Ravi home tuition At Lalita's place. Shera is back from jail and finds the whereabouts of Prem's family. Vijay and Laxmi started meeting each other which once Ravi saw and informs Lalita about the affair between her mother and Professor Vijay. Which Lalita disbelieves and they have a breakup. Ravi confronts Vijay and warns him to leave the city. Shera takes advantage of the situation and beats Vijay up telling him Ravi is responsible for this. Laxmi knowing about Vijay's condition meets him. Lalita is shocked after she saw her mother hugging professor Vijay. She tries to commit suicide and saved by Ravi. She decides to leave her home with her father's photograph. Laxmi tries to stop her, but she leaves. Vijay meets Advocate Dharamdas and tells him all the story so as to reconcile the family. Ravi is furious seeing Vijay at his home and insults him. Dharamdas stops him and tells the story to Ravi. Lalita is again kidnapped by Shera. He again asks the same ransom what he asked 14 years back. To which Laxmi agrees. Laxmi goes to meet Shera with the agreed ransom. Then a good fight scene at the climax. Gulshan Grover (Shera's nephew, also a bad guy) is killed by Shera. Shera shoots at Lalita. To save Lalita, Laxmi takes the bullet, is unconscious and Professor Vijay held her. Her Mangalsutra, which she always hides, is out. Another misunderstanding and Lalita is all tears, ready to leave the scene. Shera succumbs to the stabbing earlier in the climax by Gulshan Grover. Police arrive. Lalita is stopped by Ravi. Advocate Dharamdas tells Laxmi's story to Lalita. Lalita realizes her mistake ask for forgiveness from Laxmi. All reconcile. Happy ending. (Jis gold she Jaya Prada be host ho gayi thi, suddenly uska did gayab ho gaya).

The film also has Asrani as Chunilal and Aruna Irani as Ramkatori in a comic role. Lots of misunderstanding.

Shashi Kapoor looks too old to be Jaya Prada's husband, who looks cute and doesn't look like the mother to an 18-year-old girl. Jaya Prada looks beautiful in colored as well as white sarees. The song "Patjhad Saawan Basant Bahaar" is repeated again & again in the movie, is melodious and really a great number.



Sindoor is a 1987 Indian Bollywood film produced by A. Krishnamurthy on Tinu International Films on banner and directed by K. Ravi Shankar. It stars Shashi Kapoor, Jeetendra, Govinda, Jaya Prada and Neelam Kothari in pivotal roles and music composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal. The film is remade as Sumangali (1989) in Telugu, starring Krishnam Raju, Jaya Prada in lead roles.