Shor, India, 15 October 1972

Shankar (Manoj Kumar) loses his first wife (Nanda) in an accident. She died while saving her son (Deepak). Due to the accident Deepak loses his voice. Shankar wants to hear Deepak but it is only possible by an operation. So, Shankar tries hard to collect money for the operation. After much struggle Shankar gets the money for the operation. The operation gets started, and becomes successful. After one day of the completion of the operation Shankar asks the doctor to meet Deepak, but the doctor suggests him to meet Deepak a day later. To pass the time Shankar goes to factory, where in the excitement to meet Deepak he loses his control and get injured due to which he loses his hearing power. The father, who only lives to hear his son, becomes deaf when his son gets voice.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 172 Minutes
  • Director: Manoj Kumar
  • Awards: Filmfare Best Editing Award-Manoj Kumar,


Shor is a 1972 Indian Hindi movie written, produced and directed by Manoj Kumar, who also plays the lead role in the film.