Shagoon, India, 22 May 1964

While on a trip to Nainital, Geeta (Waheeda Rehman) meets Madan (Kamaljit) and falls in love with him. Madan is from Delhi and his father is a wealthy man. His mother played by Achla Sachdev is a superstitious woman who constantly gets poojas performed by pandits. Madan expresses his desire to get married to Geeta and his parents agree to his request. But the family pandit studies Geeta's horoscope and reveals that she is a manglik and hence inauspicious. Being a manglik or having Mangal Dosha is considered unfortunate as per Indian astrology.

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Runtime: 125 Minutes
  • Director: Nazar


Shagoon is a 1964 Indian Hindi drama film directed by Nazar. The word ‘Shagun" or "Shagoon " is a Sanskrit word meaning an auspicious moment .The film stars Waheeda Rehman, Kamaljit, Nazir Hussain, Achla Sachdev, Pratima Devi, Chand Usmani and Nana Palsikar. The film was shot at Mehboob Studios in Bombay and Nainital.

The film had music by Khayyam with lyrics Sahir Ludhianvi, creating memorable songs like "Parbaton Ke Pedon Par Shaam" sung by Mohammed Rafi and Suman Kalyanpur and "Tum Apna Ranj-o-gham" by Jagjit Kaur.