Sawan Bhadon

Sawan Bhadon, India, 24 July 1970

Vikram (Navin Nischol) is a man from a wealthy family living in Europe. He has a step-sister Dolly and step-mother Ms.Sulochana who are very cunning and greedy and cheat Vikram's money during his absence from India. Vikram decides to come back to India which disturbs the plans of Sulochana and her allies. Vikram being innocent trusts Sulochana and Dolly and treats them as their family but Sulochana pretends to be affectionate to him as he only has the full rights over the Will.

Vikram during his arrival to his home is blocked by some looters who are actually the men hired by Sulochana's brother to kill him. But a village girl Chanda(Rekha) and her friends help him and drive away the looters. Vikram is attracted towards her and her mischief. Both of them love each other and plan to marry with Chanda's family's consent. But Sulochana is against the marriage and threatens Vikram to leave her but Vikam does not obey her.Dolly meets a man named Madan who introduces himself as a person who makes talented girls as stars through his cultural centre. Dolly being a dancer wants to be a star and also attracted towards him. She introduces Madan to her mother who also encourages his relationship. Vikram comes to know that Madan is actually a cunning crook who sells girls to foreign countries. He resists Dolly meeting Madan and tries to stop her. But Dolly and Sulochana are against him and she challenges Dolly shall marry Madan at any cost. To save the honour of his family and his sister, Vikram decides to sell all the properties and return it to villagers from whom the properties are looted by Sulochana and take them to Bangalore. Sulochana plans to kill him with the help of Madan by planting a bomb in his car while he is heading towards Bangalore. Car explodes as per her plan and everyone including Chanda believes that Vikram is dead. All enemies of Vikram celebrate his death happily until they see Vikram coming back alive. Sulochana believes Vikram is dead for sure and the man is not Vikram. She tries to prove by all means that he is not Vikram. But Vikram proves everybody that he has escaped with some injuries alone. He slowly traps Sulochana, Madan and others on the cheating they made to his money. He brings Chanda and her mother to look after Sulochana and prevent her from running away with wealth.Sulochana decides to kill the Vikram like man by poisoning his milk. She sees him drinking the poisoned milk and lying dead. She takes him to bury but comes to know he has not dead as the milk is not poisoned actually. She screams that he cannot be Vikram as she killed him in her own hands. Vikram once sees her having illegal affair with estate manager Gaurishanker. So she decided to finish him off. Also his resistance against Dolly's marriage with Madan added fuel to fire. She confesses that she saw him burning from exploded car and killed him finally by throwing a rock on his head. Vikram like man finally exposes that he is not Vikram but CID Inspector Vinodh. Sulochana who realised that she confessed the truth commits suicide.Chanda is very disappointed on Vinodh's acting as Vikram but Vinodh tells her Vikram is not dead really but survived with injuries as he is thrown away from his car by a car thief on the way and the robber was actually killed by Sulochana. To arrest her and Vikram's enemies Vinodh who incidentally resembled Vikram posed like him to catch them in hand. Chanda meets Vikram in hospital and is happy that is alive. Dolly who realised her mistake also unites with her brother. Vinodh leaves the place on the account that he has fulfilled his duty.

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Runtime: 155 Minutes
  • Director: Mohan Segal


Sawan Bhadon is a 1970 Bollywood film produced and directed by Mohan Segal. The film was the debut film for its lead pair Rekha and Navin Nischol. The other cast of note in the film are Jayshree T., Iftekhar and Ranjeet. The music is by Sonik Omi. This was also Ranjeet's debut film. A couple of the songs from the film having catchy tunes became popular.

The film is remade in Tamil as 'Veetukku Oru Pillai' (A son for every home) starring Jaishankar.