Sati Savitri

Sati Savitri , India, 27 March 1964

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Director: Shantilal Soni


One evening, Savitri (Vanisri) notices a refined young man Satyavanta (Krishnam Raju) and falls in love with him. Satyavanta is a prince from another kingdom. Savitri and Satyavanta want to marry, but Narada (Kanta Rao) warns Savitri that Satyavantha will die within a year after their wedding. He suggests that they do not marry. She ignores his advice. Satyavanta loses his kingdom and he, his wife and his parents are forced to live in a forest. On their first anniversary, Satyavanta goes deep into the forest to collect material, unaware of Narada's prediction. Worried about what might happen, Savitri accompanies him, but her husband is accidentally killed. Devastated by his death, Savitri fights Yama (N. T. Rama Rao). After a long struggle, Satyavanta is revealed to be alive.