Sara Akash

Sara Akash, India, 21 February 1969

Agra-based collegian, Samar Thakur (Rakesh Pandey), lives in a joint family consisting of his father (A. K. Hangal), mother (Dina Pathak), brother Amar (film director Mani Kaul, in his only major acting role) and his wife; as well as a married sister, Munni, estranged from her husband. His parents force him to marry Prabha (Madhu Chakravarty), a matriculate, much to his chagrin as this interferes with his future plans. The marriage does take place, and he soon finds that she is not only incompatible with him, but also not well versed in household chores, leading to arguments, abuse and neglect, which may result in the end of this marriage.

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Runtime: 100 Minutes
  • Director: Basu Bhattacharya
  • Awards: K. K. Mahajan received the 1969 National Film Award for Best Cinematography, Basu Chatterjee received the 1972 Filmfare Best Screenplay Award


Sara Akash (English: The Whole Sky) is a 1969 Hindi film directed by Basu Chatterjee, based on first part of novel Sara Akash (The Infinite Cosmos, 1951) by Rajendra Yadav. This was Yadav's debut novel, originally published as Pret Bolte Hain (Ghosts Speak), renamed in 1960, the title in turn was taken from a poem by Ramdhari Singh Dinkar. The film starred Rakesh Pandey, Madhu Chakravarty, Nandita Thakur, A. K. Hangal and Dina Pathak in lead roles. Set in a traditional middle class joint family in Agra, the film deals with internal conflicts of a newly wed couple, both of whom find themselves unprepared for domestic life

The film marked the debut of Basu Chatterjee as director, and was also the first film of cinematographer K. K. Mahajan, who won the National Film Award for Best Cinematography for his black-and-white camera work in the film. Along with Uski Roti and Bhuvan Shome other notable films of the year, it is regarded as one of the films which started the Indian New Wave