Samay Bada Balwan

Samay Bada Balwan, India, 20 June 1969

Uttam (Sohrab Modi) is a rich cotton merchant who lives in a mansion with his wife Damyanti (Mehtab). Uttam's younger brother Ram (Sailesh Kumar), who is engaged to Seth Dhanichand’s (Wasti) elder daughter Gauri (Shahida), also lives with them. Damyanti's opportunistic brother, Dwarkadas (K. N. Singh) is in partnership with Uttam. Uttam loses his merchandise in a fire and becomes financially destitute, though continuing to live in the big mansion. Ram's engagement is called off by Dhanichand. Dwarkadas breaks off his partnership with Uttam and gets his son engaged to Dhanichand's younger daughter. Uttam attends the engagement ceremony but is humiliated and accused of stealing money. He is also beaten up on his way home by some thugs sent by Dwarkadas. The film the n follows Uttam's slow rise back again financially while Dhanichand and Dwarkadas now face poverty.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 147 Minutes
  • Director: Sohrab Modi


Samay Bada Balwan is a 1969 Hindi social moral drama film produced and directed by Sohrab Modi. Modi had sold his studio a year earlier but tried to revive the Minerva Movietone banner by producing this film. The music director was Usha Khanna with lyrics written by D. N. Madhok. This was the only film in which Modi used Usha Khanna as a music composer. Mehtab acted together again with Modi in Samay Bada Balwan in a supporting role as Modi's wife. This was to be the last acting role of her career. The film starred Sohrab Modi, Mehtab, Aruna Irani, Sailesh Kumar, Shahida, David, and Helen.

The film was a moralistic drama about valuing relationships irrespective of the hardships people face. The story follows the reversal of fortunes Uttam (Sohrab Modi) faces, first the failure in his business, and then the improvement again, showcasing people's response to him along the way.