Sailaab, India, 31 August 1990

Dr. Sushma Malhotra (Madhuri Dixit) treats her patient a thief and killer, she renames Krishna (Aditya Pancholi), who has lost his memory in some accident. For the care she takes, Krishna falls in love with her and then they get married. But after they are married, Inspector Ranjit Kapoor (Suresh Oberoi) warns her her husband was set to kill her before his accident and may again attempt to kill her but she disregards this. In another accident while taking photographs of Sushma, Krishna falls down and hurts his head. This injury brings back his old memories. To Sushma's surprise, the old memories bring in something unexpected which results in Krishna trying to kill his wife Sushma. He says his name is Rajiv and claims Sushma killed his sister but Inspector Ranjit arrives in time to stop and tell him a criminal named Monty actually killed his sister. Together, Inspector Ranjit and Krishna find Monty and his gang and Monty confesses for killing Krishna's sister. Inspector Ranjit and Krishna then kill them. Finally Krishna regrets for harming his wife and they both are united.

  • Genre: Action
  • Director: Deepak Balraj Vij


Sailaab is a Bollywood suspense thriller film of 1990 directed by Deepak Balraj Vij, starring Aditya Pancholi and Madhuri Dixit in lead roles. Saroj Khan won the Filmfare Best Choreography Award for Madhuri's dance for the song "Humko Aaj Kal Hai Intezaar".[1] The song also features in "Top 10 songs of Madhuri Dixit" published by Times of India.[2] It's a remake of the Tamil film Kan Simittum Neram.