Sachaa Jhutha

Sachaa Jhutha, India, 16 January 1970

Bhola (Rajesh Khanna) is an innocent band musician who lives with his physically challenged sister Belu in a village. He needs more money for his sister's marriage and he sets off to Bombay to earn. To make his sister not to feel for his departure he sings a song on the way towards railway station. On the other hand Bombay city Police department is shocked by series of diamond thefts which lead no clue. But Inspector Pradhan(Vinod Khanna) suspects the thief to be Ranjith (Rajesh Khanna) who is actually a wealthy diamond businessman on the accounts that whenever a theft occurs he is present there. But he has no evidence and searches for that. He creates a plan with Rita (Mumtaz) to attract Ranjith to know his secret plans. Bhola arrives the city and he is called as Ranjith in a party. Ranjith who arrives the party surprised to see Bhola as he looks identical as him. He immediately plots for a plan. He takes Bhola to his place and reveals himself. He convinces Bhola to act like Ranjith in front of the society as he is suffering from cancer and requires a treatment. Until his return from treatment Bhola has to make believe everybody that he is Ranjith. Actually he makes him as Ranjith so that he can continue with his diamond smuggling meanwhile there will not be any evidence as Bhola is going to be Ranjith everywhere. But he did not reveal the reason to him. He also promises that he would give money for his sister's marriage. Innocent Bhola believes him and agrees to the plan .

Ranjith's girlfriend Ruby trains Bhola to be like Ranjith and he acts like him. Bhola finally learns every mannerisms of Ranjith and at an instance he behaves like Ranjith to Ranjith. He acts as Ranjith in the city and real Ranjith continues his underground work. And Inspector Pradhan cannot come to conclusion. Rita moves intimately with Bhola thinking him as Ranjith but Bhola falls in love with her. In the village due to heavy floods Belu loses everything and comes in search of her brother to Bombay with her dog Mothy. Bhola watches a marriage ceremony on the road and he imagines the bride to be his sister and sings the same song which he sang in the village. Belu who hears that runs after him but Bhola already left the place. Pradhan meets Belu and helps her to reach the place. Belu is misguided by some men regarding the whereabouts of her brother and try to exploit her but Pradhan saves her from them and takes her to his home. Ruby who follows Belu to Pradhan's house informs Ranjith about her. Ranjith posing like her brother goes to Pradhan's home and takes her with him.

Bhola finds Ranjith is actually a thief and plans for a grand diamond loot. Bhola resists against the plan but Ranjith blackmails him with his sister. Unwillingly he accepts for the plan. Ranjith steals huge amount of diamond but Bhola replaces him by attacking and leaves the place. One of the stolen diamond piece has a transmitter and police follow the jewels with the help of it. Belu is confused who is her brother among them. After several fights both Bhola and Ranjith are arrested. Both of them claim themself as Bhola and confuse everyone. Belu suggests that her brother sings a song which cannot be sung by anyone. But both sing the song. Finally Bhola-Belu's dog Mothy identifies the real Bhola and Ranjith is arrested and sent to prison. Belu finally marries Inspector Pradhan and Bhola marries Rita.

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Runtime: 150 Minutes
  • Director: Manmohan Desai
  • Awards: 1970 Filmfare Best Actor Award for Rajesh Khanna.


Sachaa Jhutha (Hindi: सच्चा झूठा, English: "Honest Liar") is a 1970 Indian Hindi film directed by Manmohan Desai. The movie was a box-office blockbuster. The movie stars Rajesh Khanna as a simple villager, who has a look alike who is a crook. It also stars Mumtaz and Vinod Khanna. The music is by Kalyanji Anandji. The film was the second highest grossing of the year and declared a Super Hit. The film contains the song "Karle Pyar Karle Aankhen Char", which was used in the film Om Shaanti Om, where only Rajesh Khanna was taken out and rest including Mumtaaz and background was removed from the frames.