Raat Aur Din

Raat Aur Din, India, 12 May 1967

Once, during a late night a woman named Varuna goes to a club and dances with a man named Dilip. Meanwhile her husband Pratap follows her. Upon confronting her, she tells her name Peggy and denies ever being married to him, and soon leaves. The next morning, back at the house Pratap again confronts Varuna about last night, but denies ever leaving house, meanwhile Dilip arrives and confess being in the club.

At a clinic the doctors tell it might be MPD, but unsure until they know about her past. Pratap tells that once he was going to Shimla, when his car broke down and was forced to stay at Varuna's house, during which both fell in love. But once the car is fixed Pratap leaves as he is going to Simla for marriage approval but doesn't accept and returns to Varuna and get married, much to disapproval of Pratap's mother. After this Varuna frequently gets headaches and in night would dance to loud music. Once at a picnic a boulder slides down a cliff when triggers some childhood memories of Varuna and screams. Her mother-in-law arranges a witch doctor believing Varuna is under Voodoo but is unsuccessful. Things now are a bit better on holidays but at a party at home, Varuna drinks alcohol. The next day, Pratap leaves town for an emergency but after coming back finds someone is heavily drinking alcohol, but couldn't reach a conclusion. Then comes the night when Varuna goes out in the club and dances with Dilip.

A few days later Varuna is admitted to a mental institute to have her treatment but her MPD keeps getting out of control and would leave the institute. The doctors would follow and she displays both Varuna and Peggy simultaneously, but then completely loses her mind. Later she gets shock treatment but its unsuccessful. She would then walk on streets at night and would sing. She comes to a random house in rain and gets unconscious. The woman in the house tells that Varuna is pregnant but it is Peggy on the mind and denies being married and asks for abortion but the woman doesn't know how. After sometime, when Varuna wakes up she is Varuna and woman again tells her about being pregnant. At this time Varuna realizes that whatever she was denying was all true and knows she has MPD. She goes back to her house but her mother-in-law doesn't allow claiming she is bad character. Varuna the meets a minor accident and is hospitalized. Pratap and Varuna's father come but she is in shock and couldn't figure out anything. The doctors ask Varuna's father to tell about Varuna's past. In the past, Varuna's father was a heavy gambler and would abuse his wife. His wife leaves for Shimla with Varuna.

At Shimla it all comes to Varuna and reveals what happened in Simla. After leaving, Varuna's mother would keep Varuna isolated but Varuna secretly befriends and neighbor girl named Peggy. Peggy is a very sweet girl who dances with loud music, which makes Varuna wanting to dance also. Her mother would get harsh if she finds Varuna talking to Peggy. Once grown Varuna leaves the house and goes a Christmas party secretly. There is also Dilip sitting and watching. Once she leaves the party Varuna's mother finds out and tells she is not her daughter anymore and is angry, but slides down a cliff and dies. Varuna blames herself for her mother death. The doctor informs that this trauma caused Varuna to hate herself and make a new personality named Peggy because she earned her lifestyle, which caused her MPD in the first place. In the end the doctors reveal her mother die of heart failure by which she lost balance and dies off the cliff, and Varuna is cured after hearing and regaining self confidence in her Varuna personality.

  • Genre: Action
  • Director: Satyen Bose
  • Awards: National Film Award for Best Actress - Nargis


Raat Aur Din (translation: Night and Day) is a 1967 Indian Bollywood film directed by Satyen Bose. The leading actress, Nargis, won the distinguished National Film Award for Best Actress for her role as Varuna, a married woman who suffers from multiple personality disorder. By day, she is a typical Hindi homemaker, whilst at night she calls herself Peggy and walks the streets of Calcutta. The film was a critical acclaim for its story and Narjis performance as Varuna. Over the years it has developed a cult following.