Raampur Ka Lakshman

Raampur Ka Lakshman, India, 26 July 1972

Raampur Ka Lakshman is a 1972 Indian Hindi movie directed by Manmohan Desai.

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Runtime: 135 Minutes
  • Director: Manmohan Desai


Kedarnath Bhargav, his wife, Laxmi, and two sons, Ram and Lakshman, are homeless. While traveling, their train derails, and the family is separated into three groups. Laxmi works as a maidservant in the house of Bombay's mayor and his daughter, Rekha. Ram is abducted by a career criminal. Kedarnath and Lakshman are together. Ratanlal Verma, a kind-hearted man with a son named Prakash, comes to Lakshman's rescue, is run over by a truck and crippled. Kedarnath and Lakshman relocate to Ratanlal's village, Raampur, and they live together as one family.

Years later, Prakash grows up and moves to Bombay, where he finds employment with a jeweller. When Ratanlal does not hear from him for two months, he asks Lakshman to go to Bombay and ensure that Prakash is all right. Upon arrival in Bombay, Lakshman finds out that Prakash has been arrested by the police for killing a man named Kundan Kumar. He is subsequently found guilty and sentenced to be hanged. Lakshman takes it upon himself to find out who actually killed Kundan. He dons the disguise of Louis D'Souza and gets himself enrolled in the Serpent Gang. Lakshman does not know that Kumar, the leader of this gang is none other than his brother Ram. When Laxman finds, out he must make a choice — whether to let innocent Prakash go to the gallows, or to turn his own brother in to be hanged until death.