Pratighaat, India, 17 March 1987

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 164 minutes
  • Director: N. Chandra


Pratighaat (The Revenge) is a 1987 Hindi feminist drama film directed by N. Chandra and starring Sujata Mehta as lead.[1] It was a remake of Telugu film Pratighatana (1986) directed by T. Krishna, and Vijayshanti as the lead.[2] The film deals with politics-criminal nexus and a college lecturer who takes them on, even after she faces public disrobing.

Made on a low-budget, and no big stars, it went on to become a hit, making Rs. 8 crore at the box office.[5] It became part of the hat-trick hit films by N. Chandra, Ankush (1986), Pratighaat and Tezaab (1988)