Pavitra Paapi

Pavitra Paapi, India, 20 February 1970

Pannalal is employed in a clock repair shop owned by Lala Attarchand and is replaced by Kedarnath,who comes to the town of Punjab in search of such work, as according to him, his ancestors were in the same business. On this Pannalal curses him as being the cause of his family becoming destitute and writes a letter to him saying that this has driven him to suicide and disappears. Kedarnath is guilt ridden and goes out of his way to help, his wife Maya, and his two daughters, Veena and Vidya. Kedarnath rents a room with them, writes letters to her on behalf of her husband and teaches Veena during his free time making him fall in love with her. But when Maya tells him that Veena's marriage is already arranged he helps in the marriage of Veena with the son of Daulatram. When Maya tells him that she has no money to pay for the marriage expenses, he steals cash from his employer, and tells Maya that the money is from Pannalal. He then goes away from the village . Veena's in laws turn out to be rogues except for her father-in-law who counsels his family that they should not torture the daughter of somebody. Meanwhile Pannalal returns to his family and visits Veena's in-laws to find her in agony and brings her back. Kedar who now lives in Delhi, regularly sends money orders to repay his debt to Lala Attarchand. Pannalal finds out Kedar's whereabouts and requests him to come back and save dying Veena. But Kedar instead makes Veena's Husband realize his mistakes and unites the pair without appearing in person. Film ends with Kedarnath going away.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 152 Minutes
  • Director: Rajendra Bhatia


Pavitra Paapi is a 1970 Bollywood drama film directed by Rajendra Bhatia. The film stars Balraj Sahini and Tanuja. The movie was based on a Punjabi novel by famous writer Nanak Singh.