Patrani, India, 18 May 1956

The story is about King Karma Dev who gives a lot of importance to physical beauty. His mother the Rajmata requests Mahamantri Munjal to find him a nice wife. Karma Dev often dreams of marrying an unknown beautiful woman he had once seen in the Somnath temple. Meanwhile Mrinalla is the princess of Karnataka who also dreams of marrying a king she had once seen in the Somnath temple. When Munjal happens to see the beautiful woman Mrinalla, he shows the King's portrait to her and she is happy to finally find the man of her dreams. So she runs away from the palace and searches for Karma Dev to marry him. Soon after, Munjal shows Mrinalla's painting to Karma Dev, who agrees to marry her. On the day of the marriage, the King finds out she is dark and refuses to marry her. After several incidents Karma Dev realizes his mistake and at last he happily accepts Mrinalla as his Patrani.


Patrani (Hindi: पटरानी; English: Chief Queen) is a 1956 Hindi Black-and-white Costume drama written by R. S. Choudhury and directed by Vijay Bhatt. The film starred Vyjayanthimala, Pradeep Kumar in the lead with Shashikala, Durga Khote, Om Prakash, Jeevan, David Abraham Cheulkar, Leela Mishra, Kanchanamala, Praveen Paul, Ramesh Sinha, Gadadhar Sharma, Maya, Krishnakant, Helen, Sheila Vaz forms an ensemble cast. The film was produced by Shankerbhai Bhatt. The film's score was composed by Shankar Jaikishan duo with lyrics provided by Shailendra and Hasrat Jaipuri. Editing was done by Shivaji Awdhut and was filmed by K. H. Kapadia. The story revolves around the King Karma Dev and his attitude.