Parasmani, India, 17 May 1963

Paras (played by Mahipal) is the son of the Senapati and is lost when his ship strikes storms at sea. Paras is then found by a poor villager, who brings him up as his own. Paras grows up and becomes an accomplished swordsman and singer. One day he encounters the princess (played by Gitanjali) and falls in love with her. His fame soon reaches the palace, and the Emperor summons him to sing for him. Pleased with his singing, the Emperor asks him for a wish, and Paras asks for the hand of his daughter. Enraged, the Emperor decides to punish Paras, but Paras escapes. Appearing defeated, the Emperor asks Paras to seek a rare gem called a Parasmani, because he is under a curse that states as soon as his daughter marries, it will be the last day for the Emperor. If Paras is can find the 'parasmani' the life of Emperor can be saved. Only then can Paras marry the princess. Parasmani is a hypothetical jewel which is considered to keep the bearer young forever. Paras agrees to this and leaves on the search with his sister and brother.

Paras receives clues from various places and is directed to a cave. From this point, the film is in Eastman Color. Fighting various magical creatures and volcanic lava, Paras meets the Sorceress Mayanagri who falls in love with the brave Paras. Taking him in confidence, she shows him her real self, which is an old woman. The Sorceress shows him the Parasmani which Paras gains after killing a spider type creature. Soon the old sorceress also meets her end. Paras and his siblings fly back to their kingdom where, after some crucial fights, he meets his father, Senapati, and is married to the princess.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 137 Minutes
  • Director: Babubhai Mistri


Parasmani ('Philosopher's stone' that converts iron into gold) is a Hindi film of 1963. The film is a musical fantasy drama shot partly in Black and White and partly in colour. It has been directed by Babubhai Mistri, who is known as the pioneer of cinematic effects. The film was declared as hit" at the box office.