Parama, India, 31 May 1984

The movie is about a 40-year-old married woman, Paroma (Raakhee) whose identity lies in the words like 'bahu (the daughter-in-law)' 'kaki maa (paternal aunt)' 'bhabhi (brother's wife)'! Her well-settled, very normal and predictable life turns upside down when Rahul (Mukul Sharma), an expatriate photo-journalist working for a magazine chooses her to pose for an photo essay, 'An Indian Housewife'. It begins with a simple question, "What do you think, Paroma?". Through Rahul, Paroma rediscovers herself. His photographs of her make her look glamorous. Their affair or rather her discovery of herself, becomes a problem when some of the photographs, earlier admired by the family, are published in a journal(the semi nude photographs that were published were never shown to the family, Rahul deceived her by publishing those photographs without her consent). Paroma is rejected by her husband and has a mental breakdown. In the end, a doctor suggests prescribing psychiatric treatment and the family is willing to accept her back, but Paroma adamantly refuses any sense of guilt, turning to her friend and asking her if she can help her find a job.

  • Genre: Romantic
  • Runtime: 139 minutes
  • Director: Aparna Sen


Parama (English title: The Ultimate Woman) is a 1984 award-winning Indian Bengali feature film directed by Aparna Sen.