Parakh , India, 05 August 1960

The central character is the Post Master who is given a mysterious cheque for INR500,000 to be given to anyone who will use it to benefit the people of the village. There is a postman who pretends to be lame and is secretly rich and may have sent the cheque. Then the postmaster's wife who is sick and would rather use the money to cure her illness and his beautiful daughter Seema (played by Sadhana), who has a crush on the village school master. Meanwhile all the greedy and influential people of the village are busy trying to convince everybody why they are most deserving of the money; they include the village priest, the land lord, the money lender, the village doctor and the school master, who is by far the most respected. They all decide democracy is the best means and decide to hold an election where the winner gets the money. The movie is a satirical look at democracy through various twists and turns in the plot interweaved with a simple love story.

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Runtime: 136 Minutes
  • Director: Bimal Roy
  • Awards: Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor, Filmfare Award for Best Sound Design, Filmfare Award for Best Director


Parakh is a 1960 Hindi film, based on a story by famed music director Salil Chowdhury, that portrays Bimal Roy's lighter side and is in a satirical look at Indian democracy in its early years. Roy received the Filmfare Best Director Award for the film. The ensemble cast was led by Sadhana and Bengali cinema actor, Vasant Choudhury. The film has music by Salil Choudhury, featuring Lata Mangeshkar's hit "O Sajana Barkha Bahaar Aai".

The film became a "semi-hit" at the box office.