Neeyat, India, 05 September 1980

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Director: Anil Ganguly


Neeyat(intention) is the story of three close friends who are now out of college and pursuing different lines but still maintaining their friendship intact. They are Jeet(Jeetendra), Vijay(Shashi Kapoor) and Ajay(Rakesh Roshan). Jeet is the son of a big businessman(Pinchoo Kapoor) who is clandestinely involved in illegal activities albeit maintaining his dignified and benevolent image in the society. Vijay is the younger brother of a newspaper editor(Dr. Shreeraam Laagoo) who is a committed newsman. Ajay has joined police force and is now a cop. Jeet joins his father's business which is mainly running a five star hotel and also arranges a respectable job for hitherto unemployed Vijay in that itself.