Nazrana, India, 12 May 1961

Raj (Raj Kapoor) and Vasanti (Vyjayanthimala) are college mates who clash when she complains to the college principal about a love letter he sent her. Later on realizing her mistake, Vasanti apologizes to him and the two fall in love. Vasanti's elder sister, Geeta (Usha Kiron), supports the family by stitching clothes. Raj rents the room upstairs in their house. He falls ill and in nursing him, Geeta falls in love with him. She confides her love to Vasanti, who decides to sacrifice her love for her the sake of her sister and convinces Raj to marry Geeta. Raj initially neglects Geeta. On finding out, Vasanti writes to him that their sacrifice, made for Geeta's happiness, would mean nothing unless he is a good husband to Geeta. Raj relents and Geeta and he have a son. Vasanti joins them and Geeta suspects that there is something on between Raj and Vasanti and makes Vasanti leave the house. A few years later Geeta, having found out that Raj and Vasanti loved each other, dies in guilt leaving Raj alone to bring up their child making him promise that he will make Vasanti the child's mother. Raj learns of Vasanti's impanding marriage to her former boss (Gemini Ganesh). By the time he reaches there, Vasanti is already married. He hands over his child to Vasanti as a wedding gift and walks away.

  • Genre: Romantic
  • Runtime: 130 Minutes
  • Director: C. V. Sridhar
  • Awards: Filmfare Awards 1961 - Filmfare Award for Best Story - C. V. Sridhar


Nazrana (Hindi: नजराना; English: Gift) is a 1961 Black-and-white melodrama Hindi film produced by S. Krishnamurthy and directed by C. V. Sridhar in his Hindi directional debut. The film stars Raj Kapoor and Vyjayanthimala in the lead with Usha Kiran, Achala Sachdev and Agha as an ensemble cast while South Star Gemini Ganesan has an extended cameo appearance. The music is by Ravi.

The film was a remake of 1959 Tamil film Kalyana Parisu which was also directed by C. V. Sridhar. Nazrana is about a triangular love story between Raj, Vasanthi and Geeta.