Naya Kanoon

Naya Kanoon, India, 19 March 1965

Deepak (Bharat Bhushan) lives as a tenant in a small room, owned by his landlord Om Prakash Munshi(Om Prakash). Although he is a poet, he is unable to secure any employment. One day he meets with Jyoti (Vyjayanthimala) and both fall in love. After their marriage, there is considerable resentment, and Jyoti's brother, Shekar (Ashok Kumar) refuses to have to do anything with Jyoti. When Shekar offers money to Deepak, Deepak refuses to accept it. Shekar and Jyoti's dad, Daya Shankar (Badri Prasad) sympathises with Jyoti and wants her to be the sole heir to his property after his death. In the meantime, Om Prakash marries his son to a wealthy woman, who does bring in a lot of dowry, but refuses to do any household work, and instead puts her father-in-law to work. As Deepak is unable to get employment, Jyoti is successful in getting employment as a singer on the local radio station, not knowing that Deepak is resentful of her success, and is thinking of separating from her.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 148 Minutes
  • Director: R.C. Talwar


Naya Kanoon (Hindi: नया कानून; Urdu: نیا قانون‎; translation: New Legislation) is a 1965 Black-and-white Social Hindi film written and directed by R. C. Talwar. The film stars Vyjayanthimala, Ashok Kumar and Bharat Bhushan in the lead with Nishi, Om Prakash, Badri Prasad, Leela Mishra, Kamal Mehra and Purnima appearing in other significant roles.

The film deal with the law and the justice with family backdrop. The story revolve around Jyoti's (Vyjyanthimala) relationship with her brother, Shekar (Ashok Kumar) and husband, Deepak (Bharat Bhushan).