Naukari, India, 18 June 1954

Rattan Kumar Choudhury (Kishore Kumar) stays with his widowed mother (Achala Sachdev) and sick sister, Uma/Umi (Noor) in the village. He is waiting for his college results and dreams about the day when he has a job and a house and can look after his family. Rattan passes his BA and leaves for Calcutta where his father's colleague had promised him a job where his father had worked. In Calcutta he takes up boarding in a lodge where he is neighbour to three other unemployed youth (one of whom is Iftekhar) in the 'Bekar' (unemployed/without work) wing of the lodge. At his father's office he finds out the manager has given the job to a relative. Rattan doesn't give up and perseveres applying wherever he can. His sister, suffering from TB is put on the waiting list at the sanitorium. Meanwhile in Calcutta Ratan also finds love with Seema (Sheila Ramani) who stays in the house in the next compound much to her father's chagrin. Rattan struggles to get a job but to no avail. One day even as he gets the news that his sister has been accepted at the sanitorium, he gets a telegram informing of her death. One of the other youth in the lodge, Shankar, tries to kill himself but Rattan stops him. Shankar gets a job later and is grateful to Rattan. Rattan finally gets a job in Bombay. He sends his appointment letter to Seema's father to prove he has now got a job but the old man tears up the letter and now Rattan has to leave for Bombay but he cannot remember the name of the company. Rattan reaches Bombay and ultimately does make his way to the company. He gets the job but one day takes up the side of an old employee and the manager fires him. Meanwhile Seema runs away from Calcutta to be with Rattan in Bombay. He cannot bring himself to tell her he is jobless. He tries to commit suicide but Seema stops him and they decide they will face life together.


Naukari is a 1954 Bollywood film directed by Bimal Roy with lead actors being Kishore Kumar and Sheila Ramani. This film sensitively looks at the dreams and aspirations of the educated youth getting shattered as they struggle in the urban jungle for employment in the ensuing years after India attained independence. Naukri sees Bimal Roy tackle yet another social problem in his usual impeccable and heartfelt manner. Naukri is one of the earliest films where Kishore Kumar first gained prominence. Since his madcap comic persona had not yet developed totally, Naukri sees an extremely sincere, sensitive and restrained performance from him.