Nadiya Ke Paar

Nadiya Ke Paar, India, 16 April 1982

The story is based on the first half of a Hindi novel, Kohbar Ki Shart, by Keshav Prasad Mishra. A Brahman farmer from Eastern Uttar Pradesh lives with his two nephews. He falls ill and is treated by a Vaidya (indigenous medical practitioner) from another village. When the farmer feels okay, he asks the Vaidya about his fees. The Vaidya asks for the farmer's eldest nephew to marry his eldest daughter. The farmer readily agrees.

Omkar (Inder Thakur) marries the Vaidya's elder daughter Roopa (Mitali), and they start living happily. Roopa gives birth to a baby. During Roopa's pregnancy, her younger sister Gunja (Sadhana Singh) comes to live with her. While there, she falls in love with Omkar's younger brother Chandan (Sachin). Learning of their love, Roopa promises to help them marry. But, she dies in an accident; and nobody else knows about the love affair. The farmer and the Vaidya decide that Gunja should marry the widower Omkar, to take care of her sister's baby. But moments before the wedding rituals are completed, Chandan and Gunja's love affair is revealed. He is allowed to marry Gunja with everyone's consent.

The rural culture and dialect of Uttar Pradesh are portrayed authentically in the film. The movie is based on the first half of the novel. It changes the partners in the second marriage, as the novel had the proposed marriage between Gunja and Omkar taking place. The novel proceeded with the development of their relationship, where Omkar dies of illness and eventually Gunja also dies leaving Chandan alone.

Most of the film was shot at Kerakat (Jaunpur) in eastern U.P.

  • Genre: Romantic
  • Runtime: 144 Minutes
  • Director: Govind Moonis Hiren Nag


Nadiya Ke Paar (Hindi: नदिया के पार) (English: Across The River) is a 1982 Hindi film directed by Hiren Nag and set in Uttar Pradesh. It stars Sachin, Sadhana Singh, Inder Thakur, Mitali, Savita Bajaj, Sheela David, Leela Mishra and Soni Rathod. It was adapted from the first half of the Hindi novel Kohbar Ki Shart, by Keshav Prasad Mishra. The movie is in the local language which is spoken at country side of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It can be considered a mix of Bhojpuri and Awadhi dialect spoken in Central and Eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

The film played to full houses for years in a movie theatre in Allahabad, UP.

Rajshri Productions produced the film. It received a Telugu dub under the title Premalayam. The movie was later remade in 1994 by Rajshri Productions as Hum Aapke