Munimji, India, 02 December 1955

Roopa lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed dad, Captain Suresh, and brother, Shekhar. After she returns from abroad, she is told that she must now prepare to get married to her betrothed, Ratan, who is the son of a close friend of Suresh.

Everything changes suddenly when Roopa meets a handsome young man, Raj, and they fall in love with each other. Raj then breaks her heart when he tells her that his mother, Malti, who works as a maidservant in Suresh's household, has always favored Ratan over him and has made him promise to step out of Ratan's way. Before she could find out why Malti prefers Ratan over Raj, a bandit, Kala Ghoda, who has been terrorizing the region asks Suresh to pay up Rs.50,000/-. The police lay a trap for this extortionist and capture him red-handed. He turns out to be none other than Suresh's Munim. Surprises are in store for everyone when they find out that Munim is Raj, who has been masquerading as the Munim for many years and may have embezzled another Rs.50,000/-.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 163 Minutes
  • Director: Subodh Mukherjee


Munimji (Hindi: मुनीमजी, translation: Clerk) is a 1955 Bollywood movie starring Dev Anand and Nalini Jaywant, and directed by Subodh Mukherjee. Story Idea By Ranjan Screenplay by Nazir Hussain,Dialogues by Nazir Hussain and Qamar Jalalabadi. Pran played the villain in the film. It also starred Ameeta and Nirupa Roy. The team of Mukherjee, Nazir Hussain, Dev Anand and music director S.D. Burman later got together to produce another movie, Paying Guest, in 1957. The song "Jeevan Ke Safar Mein Rahi," sung by Kishore Kumar, became a super hit.