Mohabbat Ki Kasam

Mohabbat Ki Kasam, India

Two brothers, Thakur Vikram Singh (Kulbhushan Kharbanda), and Baseera Singh (Amjad Khan) live in the same village. Baseera is resentful that Vikram has got all he ever wanted, the estate, the wealth, the title, and lovely wife (Kaushalya Tanuja). Baseera, unable to control his anger, kills one of Vikram's men, and is sentenced to be hanged until death. Baseera leaves the legacy of revenge and hatred with his son, Jageera. Vikram undertakes to look after his nephew as his own, and he already has a son. Additionally, Vikram also adopts a boy as his son. Jageera, now grown up, backlashes against the family; Vikram's son is killed, and the adopted son is accused of having sexual relationship with Vikram's daughter-in-law. And the person to pronounce the sentence is non other than fair-minded and generous Thakur Vikram Singh.[6]

  • Genre: Action
  • Director: K. Pappu


Mohabbat Ki Kasam (Hindi: मोहब्बत की कसम) is a 1986 Bollywood action melodrama film directed by K. Pappu.[1] It stars Amjad Khan, Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Tanuja, with special appearances from two of Bollywood's biggest stars, Dharmendra and Rajesh Khanna.[2][3] Produced by P. B. Pictures, it features music by Kamalkant.[3] The lyricist was Kulwant Jani.[4] The director of photography was Sushil Chopra, with Vinod Mehra and Moon Moon Sen in lead roles, with Anita Raj, Shoma Anand, Paintal and Imtiaz Khan forming an ensemble cast.[5]