Meri Biwi Ki Shaadi

Meri Biwi Ki Shaadi, India, 20 July 1979

When he experiences chest pains, hopeless hypochondriac Bhagwant checks into the hospital for a checkup and overhears his doctor discussing the diagnosis of a terminally ill patient with an associate. Assuming he is the one scheduled to die, he asks his friend to help him find a new husband for his wife Priya so he'll know she won't be alone once he's gone. He locates Priya's old college beau Fernandes. Meanwhile, Priya mistakes her husband's machinations for an attempt to cover up an extramarital affair and throws him out of the house.

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Runtime: 124 Minutes
  • Director: Rajat Rakshit


Meri Biwi Ki Shaadi is a 1979 Bollywood thriller film directed by Rajat Rakshit.