Marte Dam Tak

Marte Dam Tak, India, 17 July 1987

Courteous Police Inspector Rane intent on arresting notorious gangster P.C. Mathur finds himself on trial for murder and sentenced to seven years behind bars, of course being framed for the murder by his enemy. Following his prison term, Rane becomes an underworld operator known as Rana, intent on seeking revenge on Mathur and killing him. He hires Jai to kill Mathur but mistakenly kills somebody else in the process. Jai feeling angered by his mistake gives up a life of crime to concentrate on his family leaving Rana alone to hunt down Mathur. It is now up to Rana to fulfill his quest but avoid being killed first by Mathur's gang.

  • Genre: Action
  • Director: Mehul Kumar


Marte Dam Tak is a 1987 Bollywood action film directed by Mehul Kumar and starring Raaj Kumar, Govinda and Farha Naaz. The film was a big hit.