Maqsad, India, 04 May 1984

Rajeshwar is the only son of Dharamraj, who is an industrialist, and partners with Naglingam Reddy, Nagendra, and Dhanraj. Rajeshwar then meets a girl from a poor family Bharati, who happens to be his school teachers daughter and falls in love with her. Bharati's father is Vishnupratap a schoolteacher, who is really unhappy for he is unable to earn enough money to feed his family and provide them with basic amenities. He and other teachers work in the school managed by Dharamraj. The fund management headed by Dhanraj have been for years without giving any hike in fees to teachers making them work. When Rajeshwar comes to know of these he starts confronting each lie of the partners.Bharati has a neighbour, Tilak, who is unemployed, and lives with his mother, Sharda, who works as a maidservant in Dhanraj's house. Later he gets the job of a manager in Dharamraj industries and starts almost obstructing all the criminal activities carried out by the three partners. Rajeshwar gets impressed with the sincerity of Tila. Meanwhile, Tilak falls in love with the Dhanraj'daughter, Rani. Dharamraj accidentally meets Sharda and he realises that Tilak is his long lost nephew. Dharamraj tells Rajeshwar the history of his family and how Tilak is related to him. Then Dharamraj is killed, and the evidence points towards Tilak and he has to gather evidence to prove his innocence.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 167 minutes
  • Director: K. Bapaiah


Maqsad (English translation: Aim) is a 1984 Hindi film [1] produced by D. Rama Naidu on Suresh Productions banner, directed by K. Bapaiah. Starring Rajesh Khanna, Jeetendra, Jaya Prada and Sridevi in the lead roles and music composed by Bappi Lahari. The film is a remake of the Telugu movie Mundadugu (1983), both the movies are built by same banner & director. The film became a hit and was second highest grosser at the box office in 1984.[2]