Manmatha Leelai

Manmatha Leelai, India, 25 February 1977

The film explores the life journey of a womaniser (Kamal Hassan) and his affairs with various women, including those who are married. The main conflict is between Kamal Hassan's character Madhu and his wife Rekha. Balachander's genius lies in objectifying married women of the city whilst creating a loving wife who's torn between accepting her husband and living a separated life after having discovered the travails of her own father.

  • Genre: Romantic
  • Runtime: 161 Minutes
  • Director: K. Balachander


Manmatha Leelai (Tamil: மன்மத லீலை, English: Cupid's play) is a 1976 Tamil-language film starring Kamal Haasan in the lead role, Madhu. The film directed by Kailasam Balachander also has Halam (Rekha) as Madhu's wife. A number of actresses debuted through this film, including Jayaprada as Kannagi, Y. Vijaya as Miss. Wrong Number, among others. M. R. Radha's son Radha Ravi also made his Tamil debut in the film. The film was dubbed into Telugu as Manmadha Leela. Though the film was criticised for its bold content when it released, it has received cult status with passing years and is considered a trendsetter.