Maa Aur Mamta

Maa Aur Mamta, India, 14 August 1970

Father Henry (Rehman) entrusts a newly-born infant in the care of an unwed Maya (Nutan), leaving her to explain the presence of the child. She is literally thrown out of the village and runs away to Bombay. There she is taken care of by a kind-hearted Muslim taxi-driver (Jayant). Years later, the child grows up to be called Ram (Jeetendra), but the question haunting everyone's mind is who is Ram's biological father?

  • Genre: Romantic
  • Runtime: 148 Minutes
  • Director: Asit Sen


Maa Aur Mamta is a 1970 Bollywood drama film directed by Asit Sen. The film stars Nutan and Ashok Kumar.