Kunwara Baap

Kunwara Baap, India, 23 November 1974

Bharathi plays an abandoned wife (Vinod Mehra). She abandons her newly born son outside of a temple where he is rescued by a rikshawala (Mehmood). The boy develops polio and the rikshawala feels guilty after a doctor (Sanjeev Kumar) admonishes him. He takes care of the boy and loves him as his own. In the mean time, the boy's real-life parents reconcile and turn to a police officer (Vinod Khanna) for help in finding their missing son. when they find their child the rikshawala does not want to give him up. The policeman urges him to do, as the wealthy parents can pay for an operation that can help the boy walk again. He does sorrowfully. But the boy comes back with his parents to see the rikshawala die. The film ends with Mehmood, the actor, getting up and explaining to the audience that his death was for the camera, but polio is real and deadly and that people should get their children vaccinated. The Sports Day, a major scene in the movie, is shot in Bishop Cotton Boys' School.

It is worth a note that Mehmood directed this film to raise an awareness of polio - his own son was affected by polio.

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Runtime: 137 Minutes
  • Director: Mehmood Ali


Kunwara Baap is a 1974 Hindi movie produced by Amarlal Chabria and directed by and starring Mehmood. The film also stars Bharathi (actress), and Sanjeev Kumar. It's a film with a serious message about polio vaccination. However, Mehmood did some comedy scenes in the film to earn a Filmfare nomination as Best Comic, the only nomination for the film. Rajesh Roshan makes his debut as a film composer. The hijra song "Saj Rahi Gali" sung by Mohd. Rafi topped the annual Binaca Geet Mala, which was the only countdown show at the time. This film was Tamil actress Manorama's, only film in Hindi, however her lines consisted of some Tamil.