Kohraa, India, 19 June 1964

Rajeshwari meets rich Amit Kumar Singh and they both fall in love and get married. Amit brings Rajeshwari to his home- A huge imposing mansion in middle of Moors. Rajeshwari learns from servants about Amit's first wife Poonam who died in mysterious circumstances about a year ago. The housekeeper Dai Maa who was also the nanny of Poonam is visibly disturbed by this and is cold towards Rajeshwari. Amit leaves on a business trip for few weeks and Rajeshwari is left to herself. This is when she encounters supernatural phenomena in the mansion and is haunted by the memories and spirit of Poonam. Recovering from shock Rajeshwari decides to do her own investigation of Poonam's mysterious death. One by one she uncovers shocking dark secrets about Poonam, Amit and various other people.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 153 Minutes
  • Director: Biren Nag


Kohraa (The Fog) is a 1964 Indian thriller horror film directed by Biren Nag, starring Waheeda Rehman, Biswajeet and Lalita Pawar. The film was adapted from Daphne du Maurier's 1938 novel, Rebecca, which was previously adapted by Alfred Hitchcock' as Academy Award-winning Rebecca (1940) though some supernatural elements were added to it. This version is famous for its twist ending which alters significantly from the original novel.