Khiladi - 1968

Khiladi , India, 24 May 1968

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 155 Minutes
  • Director: Homi Wadia


Khiladi is a 1968 Hindi action film directed by Homi Wadia for Basant Pictures. It was produced under the Homi Wadia Production banner with music composed by Lala Sattar and lyrics written by Farooq Qaiser. Fearless Nadia starred in nearly fifty Wadia films, making stunt history starting from Hunterwali (1935). Khiladi was Nadia’s last role in films. The film starred Nadia, Dilip Raj, Sujata, Amarnath, Suzie, Uma and Vishwas Kunte.

Nadia had last done an action role nine years earlier. Around the age of fifty-eight she made a flamboyant come-back in a cleverly executed "James Bond" type character in Khiladi where she was "code-named Living Fireball".