Khandan , India, 13 August 1965

This a remake of the Tamil film ‘Bhaaga Pirivinai’ starring Sivaji Ganesan and Saroja Devi, that ran for more than 25 Weeks in many centers and in 1959 won the President's Silver Medal for Best Feature Film in Tamil. Two young men Jeevandas and Shankar inherit a substantial area of farmland on their late father Ramswaroop Lal's passing. Jeevandas marries Bhagvanti but are childless, while Shankar marries Parvati and they have two sons, Govind and Shyam. Govind becomes paralysed in his right hand due to an accident (electric shock). Many years in the future, Shyam leaves to become educated in the city but on returning finds the family split in two by disagreement and bitterness; Jeevandas, Bhagvanti, Shyam, Navrangi, and Neelima on one side, and Govind, his wife, Radha, Shankar, and Parvati on the other. Navrangi loans money from Bhagvanti and invests it in a Carnival, but most of his earnings are stolen by two dancers, Jati and Sati. He then borrows more money, this time from Shyam, to purchase an elephant. Govind and Radha soon celebrate the birth of a completely healthy baby boy, Navjeevandas Lal. Later, Navrangi intends to begin staging a show using the elephant at the carnival where a boy is thrown from the trunk, and he intends using Govind's son. Later, Navjeevandas is abducted by Navrangi. Govind and Radha get to the carnival, save Navjeevandas. Navrangi attacks Govind, but surprisingly, Govind is snapped out of paralysis and fights Navrangi. Moments when Navrangi is about to kill Govind and Shyam, Jeevandas and the rest of the famiy intervene and discover that he started the division of their home. Later, Navrangi is arrested and Govind and Shyam tear down the wall that separated the house. In the end, Jeevandas recites a prayer with the rest of the family united.

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Runtime: 160 Minutes
  • Director: A. Bhimsingh


Khandan is a 1965 Hindi film. Produced by Vasu Menon and directed by A. Bhimsingh. The film stars Sunil Dutt, Nutan, Pran, Om Prakash, Lalita Pawar, Helen and Mumtaz. The films music is by Ravi. A box-office success, the film became the seventh highest earning film of 1965, earning an approximate gross of Rs. 2,80,00,000 and a net gross of Rs. 1,40,00,000 .