Khandaan, India, 18 July 1979

Gaurishankar Srivastav (Sunder Purohit) lives with his wife Savitri (Nirupa Roy) and two sons Vikas (Sujit Kumar) and Ravi (Jeetendra). Vikas gets married to wealthy Nanda (Bindu) while Ravi continues his education in college. Ravi is attracted to Usha (Sulakshana Pandit) and hopes to marry her. Gaurishankar is nearing retirement while Vikas is unable to get employment. When Vikas get an offer, he must deposit INR 5000. Nanda borrows this money from her uncle and Vikas gets the job. Unaware of the fact, Gaurishankar who works as Cashier in a small firm, steals Rs.5000/- to provide money for his son, but is followed by the watchman. On his way to home, Ravi returning from a Tamasha catches the thief, but is shocked to find his father as thief. To save him from the punishment, he takes the blame on himself. Later Police arrests Ravi for stealing INR 5000 from his employer, which shocks his father. The Court finds him guilty and sentences imprisonment for 3 months. Gaurishankar passes away after hearing this, but before death he informs his wife who the real thief was. Savitri is unabel to reveal this fact to anybody. When Ravi completes his sentence, returns home and finds that Usha is getting married to Rakesh (Rakesh Roshan), Dinanath's son. He re-locates to Bombay, gets a job, earns well and sends money to his mother which actually does not reach the right hands as the middle lady Bindu manages to get the money by making false thumb impression. The turn of events after Usha meets Ravi again is the rest of the story when every fact is made open to everybody. The story is scene by scene based on old Bollywood family drama 'maa' starring bharat bhushan and mala sinha.

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Runtime: 130 Minutes
  • Director: Anil Ganguly


Khandaan (Hindi: खानदान; translation: Clan) is a 1979 film directed by Anil Ganguly and produced by Sibte Hassan Rizvi. This family drama stars Jeetendra, Sulakshana Pandit and Bindiya Goswami with music composed by Khayyam and lyrics written by Naqsh Lyallapuri.