Khaan Dost

Khaan Dost, India, 23 March 1976

Naive, simple-minded Ramdin Pandey lives a poor lifestyle in Nasik, India, along with his sister, Shanti, and works as a Havaldar in the Nasik Central Jail. He arranges Shanti's marriage but the prospective groom's family want Rs.5000/- which he is unable to afford. To make matters due to his simplistic job performance he has not been promoted. Then their jail gets a new inmate, the dreaded Rehmat Khan, who has been found guilty of killing Ranga for allegedly attempting to molest his prostitute mistress, Zareena. Rehmat finds out about Ramdin's weakness, befriends and then uses him to escape on the pretext of visiting his ailing mother in Bombay, and never returns. A furious Jailor, Sharma, asks Ramdin to travel to Bombay, locate Rehmat, and then return or else he will not only lose his job but also be prosecuted. A hapless Ramdin agrees to do so - little knowing that soon he will be at the mercy of the cunning and cruel Rehmat as well as Ranga's vengeful brother, Jaggi.

  • Genre: Action
  • Director: Dulal Guha


Khaan Dost is a 1976 Bollywood action film directed by Dulal Guha.