Karm, India, 24 June 1977

Retired Judge Shyamlal Kumar lives in a palatial home with his wife and only son, Arvind, who is now studying law and is on his way to becoming a lawyer. Arvind meets beautiful Asha Shastri, and they fall in love. Asha introduces Arvind to her astrologer father, Chintamani, who instantly approves of Arvind, as Arvind's parents do of Asha. But when Chintamani sees a dark future for the young couple, he withdraws his blessings and asks them not to marry. Spooked by this, Shyamlal and his wife also ask Arvind to marry someone else, but Arvind and Asha start living together. This causes anger in their conservative community, and both are blacklisted. Asha becomes pregnant, but does not know that Arvind has met a young woman named Neelam Shukla, who believes that Arvind is a bachelor and wants to marry him at all and any cost.

Saddened by her father's death and his last warning that Asha should not touch his dead body, pregnant Asha leaves Arvind to go into oblivion at Haridwar. There she joins Ashram, gives birth to a son and works as a nurse in Dehradun. Meanwhile, Arvind gives-in to his parents' wish to marry Neelam. In the turn of events, Judge Arvind shifts to Dehradun and unknowingly gets in-touch with his own son. Neelam's pregnancy gets complicated and the doctors could not save their child. Neelam can no longer become a mother again. Arvind meets Asha (now Sadhna) in the same hospital. He enquires about his son and finally would like to adopt him. When Asha gives in to her husband's wish, the boy comes to Arvind and Neelam's home with a letter. Neelam gets the letter and becomes furious after reading it. She returns the boy to Asha and drives madly back to their home. Arvind tries to explain her while she is recklessly driving, but of no help. Neelam rams the car into a running train; seriously injuring both Arvind and herself. She dies after listening to Arvind and Asha's story. Arvind is brought to hospital on the verge of death. He marries Asha thinking that he is anyway about to die. The doctor takes him to operation theatre. Will Asha's father's prediction come true? Will Arvind live after getting married with Asha.

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Runtime: 146 Minutes
  • Director: B. R. Chopra


Karm is a 1977 Hindi movie produced and directed by B. R. Chopra. The film stars Rajesh Khanna, Vidya Sinha and Shabana Azmi. The music is by R. D. Burman.The film was successful at box office.