Kalyug Aur Ramayan

Kalyug Aur Ramayan, India

The film is based on the Ramayana in modern environment, how his character in today. Manoj Kumar is portrayed in the film Ram Bhakta Hanuman. Hanuman come to earth and meet a miserable father Dasaratha. Dasrath distressed by her sons and daughter-in-law. How to the Hanuman Solve this problem, this is story theme.


Kalyug Aur Ramayan is a Hindi film starring Manoj Kumar, Madhavi, Prem Chopra, Om Prakash, Bindu and Rajiv Goswami. The film was directed by Babubhai Mistri and Produced by Shashi Goswami. The music was given by Kalyanji Anandji and Lyrics by Maya Govind and Verma Malik