Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa

Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa, India, 25 February 1993

Everyone loves Sunil (Shah Rukh Khan) except his own father Vinayak. Sunil and his friends start a band. Anna, his childhood friend, returns after many years. After she joins the group, everyone is excited, especially Sunil, who secretly loves Anna. The only other person who knows this secret is his sister. As Anna joins the group, they start seeking opportunities to make it big in the music world. Chris, another band member and Sunil's best friend, is Sunil's antithesis in nearly everything. Chris is a studious person and the son of an affluent couple. Sunil, who is a happy-go-lucky scamp, is not studious, and lives in a (picturesque) seaside shack with his family. After Anna enters the picture, he begins trying to change his ways in order to get Anna.

Meanwhile, Anna's father has been giving thought to getting her settled in life, and decides that Chris is worthy of the honour. He makes known his intention to approach Chris's parents with a proposal, in the usual Indian way. Hearing of this, Sunil, cocky as ever, throws broad hints at Anna, expecting to hear something to his own advantage. To his shock, it emerges that Anna loves Chris, and indeed she seems to have been the one to put the idea into her father's head. Sunil is first devastated and then jealous. He starts creating a rift between the two but eventually gets caught. Anna slaps him and walks away. Gradually, Anna and Chris forgive Sunil, but they still don't realize why he did this.

Sunil's fortune takes a turn once again when Chris's parents refuse the proposal of marriage which Anna's father takes to them. They refuse with a show of arrogance and contempt, saying that Anna's family belongs to a lower class of society, and that her father, an upstart who has recently made some money working abroad, is not only trying to punch above his level, but is doing so in a predictably base manner, by inciting his daughter to flaunt her looks and charms so as to snare the son of an affluent, established family. After hearing all this, Anna's father becomes as determined as Chris's parents to separate the two from each other. Under pressure from his parents, Chris leaves Anna, who is devastated.

Sunil consoles Anna during this time, and the tide slowly turns in his favour. Anna's father, having decided that Sunil's modest home will provide Anna with more happiness than a rich but arrogant family's mansion, begins to talk of marriage between them. Sunil is happy, until he learns that Anna still loves Chris. Sunil decides to re-unite them. Chris's parents too realize their folly. Chris and Anna's wedding is announced: Sunil gets to be the best man. As Chris and Anna are about to exchange rings, Chris's ring slips out of his hand. Everybody starts searching for it. Sunil spots the ring but feigns ignorance, even as his sister gazes at him with a heavy heart. Eventually Chris locates the ring and marries Anna.

Just after the wedding, Sunil is shown packing his bags and leaving his father's home to find his own destiny. Vinayak, who has learnt the background story, makes up with his son, stating that he is proud to be Sunil's father. Sunil is seen walking in moonlight, where he meets a girl (Juhi Chawla). Some time later, Sunil and the girl are seen walking in the moonlight and talking merrily. Anthony and Vasco, two criminals who had been following the story in the background and watched the band's show, see Sunil with the new girl and break the fourth wall saying that Sunil will be all right. The criminals hear a police siren and scamper away.

  • Genre: Romantic
  • Runtime: 158 min.
  • Director: Kundan Shah


Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa (Hindi: कभी हाँ कभी ना, English: Sometimes yes, sometimes no) is a 1994 Bollywood comedy film directed by Kundan Shah, and starring Shah Rukh Khan, Suchitra Krishnamurthy, and Deepak Tijori. This is one of the rare mainstream Hindi movies in which the hero plays the role of a loser. It is widely considered to be one of Shah Rukh Khan's best performances, and he has said that it is his favorite film.[1] He received the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Performance for his role. For this film, Khan took a signing amount of Rs 5,000 and did the entire film for Rs. 25,000.[2]