Jigar, India, 23 October 1992

Raju and Arjun are very good friends. Suman is Raju's love interest and is like a sister to Arjun. Arjun is a wrestler and works at a martial arts training school owned by his father. Due to some misunderstanding between Raju, Arjun and Raju's sister, she is raped by Arjun. This angers Raju but he fails in avenging his sister because Arjun is a wrestler. Raju starts training himself as a fighter under Baba Thakur. After being fully trained he avenges all of his enemies. Arjun is killed in the ring itself and Mama is killed by Suman.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 161 mins
  • Director: Farogue Siddique


Jigar is a 1992 Bollywood martial arts action film directed by Farogh Siddique. It was inspired by the 1989 Hollywood movie Kickboxer. Jigar was released in Diwali weekend and proved to be successful. It was Ajay Devgn's second success after Phool Aur Kaante.