Jhuk Gaya Aasman

Jhuk Gaya Aasman, India, 21 August 1968

Sanjay is a poor man making his living as a tourist guide in Darjeeling. He meets Priya Khanna, who has come from Calcutta. The duo fall in love. Everything is hunky dory for them, until Priya receives the news of her father's arrest. The duo decide to put their dreams on the hold until Priya's father is exonerated. Priya leaves, while Sanjay returns, hopeful & joyous. However, he dies in a car accident and is escorted by an angel for the retribution of his sins.

However, here they learn that Sanjay was never supposed to die. The angel learns that he accidentally killed Sanjay instead of his look alike called Tarun Kumar. The angel is punished with sending Sanjay back. However, here Sanjay's body has already been cremated. Realizing that now Sanjay's soul has to be put in somebody else's body, the angel takes him to Tarun's home. Unknown to them, Tarun has been shot in the back by his own brother just seconds ago. The angel retrieves the bullet & tells Sanjay to occupy Tarun's body.

Here, Priya succeeds in bailing out her father. However, she learns from him that he was framed by Tarun. Here, Sanjay learns that Tarun was a criminal & correctly deduces that he was killed for his money. Tarun's errant ways have dissociated him from his grandmother, the only other living relative. Sanjay decides to make the wrongs right as Tarun. Tarun's brother is shocked to see him alive & all right, but Sanjay feigns ignorance. Tarun's secretary Rita is working for his brother secretly. Here, Priya comes back to exact revenge upon Tarun, but is obviously surprised to see him.

Sanjay is sad by the turn of the events. He somehow succeeds in convincing his friend (Rajendra Nath) about his true identity. Later, he slowly starts shutting Tarun's illegitimate businesses & diverts the money to charity instead. This sudden change stuns and surprises his grandmother, while his brother is angered at the very thought of losing money to this newfound philanthropy. Sanjay starts courting Priya again. Seeing that Tarun has reformed, everybody gives a green signal to his marriage with Priya. However, Rita suddenly drops a bombshell that she is married to Tarun.

Sanjay is unable to prove or disprove anything, making matters worse for him again. However, Rita is acting as a mere pawn in hands of Tarun's brother. He decides to confront Rita to know the truth, but Tarun's brother has already anticipated it. He kills Rita & Tarun is framed for the murder. Sanjay succeeds in running away & confronting Tarun's brother. Tarun's brother finally confesses all his crimes in front of Sanjay, which is also heard by Sanjay's buddy. Just as Sanjay is going to be killed by Tarun's brother, the angel knocks him out.

In the end, Tarun's brother is arrested on the basis of his testimony. Realizing that Sanjay will now be able to live the life in form of Tarun, the very life that was unjustly taken from him, the angel unites him with Priya & goes back.

  • Genre: Romantic
  • Runtime: 160 Minutes
  • Director: Lekh Tandon


Jhuk Gaya Aasman (English: The Skies Have Bowed) is a 1968 film directed by Lekh Tandon. The film stars Rajendra Kumar, Saira Banu, Rajendranath and Prem Chopra. Music is by Shankar Jaikishan. The film is a remake of the Hollywood film Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941). It performed "below average" at the box office.