Insaaf Main Karoonga

Insaaf Main Karoonga, India

"INSAAF MAIN KAROONGA" (meaning "I will deliver justice") became an obsessive point of directive in the mind of Captain Ravi Khanna, when his young, beautiful and loving wife committed suicide. Seema was an orphan whom Khanna fell in love with. One night when Ravi goes out of city for one of his assignments, his wife Seema is raped and commits suicide.

After the suicide takes place he manages to trace the person and becomes vindictive and shoots the culprit point blank and surrenders to military court.

At this juncture the whole scene changes. As the proceedings of the court were about to start, the news of culprits having survived gets broken to him. This makes the Captain more ferocious and gets provoked to become free, so that on an appropriate opportunity he could fulfill his urge to kill him.

Ravi flees from the army force and on the way he meets his friend Khan who gives him shelter. On one night Ravi and Khan decide to go to the Hospital, where the culprit was convalescing his wounds so that they could kill him. But Captain is not able to shoot him as some of the army officers see him and try him to capture him. Accidentally the culprit’s daughter comes in the way. Ravi then takes hold of her so that he can escape from that place comfortably.

Captain then decides that he will keep Pinky with him and make it look like a kidnap and will drive the culprit that mad that he will himself surrender to police and accept that he was the person who drove his wife to commit suicide. Rest of the story is how Ravi is able to catch the culprits and how relation develops between Pinky and Ravi and what all problems Ravi has to face on his way to attain justice for his beloved late wife.


  • Genre: Thriller
  • Runtime: 190 minutes
  • Director: Shibu Mitra


Insaaf Main Karoonga is a 1985 Hindi film directed by Shibu Mitra and produced by S.K.Kapur. This film has Rajesh Khanna in the lead opposite Tina Munim and Padmini Kolhapure.[1] The 2 songs are sung by Kishore Kumar for Rajesh Khanna and another 2 songs picturised on Rajehs Khnana are sung by Bhappi Lahiri - the song Ek Baras Mein Ek Baar Hi and Honey Honey Kuch Maanga Toh Dena. It is a remake of the Malayalam movie Thushaaram