Imtihan, India, 31 May 1974

Pramod Sharma (Vinod Khanna) is the son of a wealthy businessman (Murad). An idealistic person, he leaves his family business to become a lecturer of history at the college Adarsh Mahavidyalya. The students of the college are highly indisciplined, and the crowd includes Rakesh (Ranjeet), a rowdy student involved in several unlawful activities. Pramod tries to reform these students. Rita (Bindu), the college chairman's daughter and a student, develops an infatuation for Pramod.

Meanwhile, Pramod meets Madhu (Tanuja), the daughter of the college principal H. P. Shastri (Abhi Bhattacharya). He learns that Madhu lost her lover in a plane crash and became physically handicapped in a subsequent accident. Madhu falls in love with Pramod, who brings positivity to her life. Rita, who is jealous of Pramod's relationship with Madhu, falsely accuses him of sexual harassment, supported by Rakesh. The rest of the story tells of how Pramod gets through this imtihan ("test") of life. In the end, Pramod proves his innocence and takes leave from the college, joined by Madhu.

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Director: Madan Sinha
  • Awards: Bindu - Nominated for Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress (1974)


Imtihan ("The Test") is a 1974 Indian Hindi film starring Vinod Khanna, Tanuja and Bindu. The story of the film revolves around an idealistic professor who decides to reform a group of rowdy students at a college. It is inspired by the 1967 British film To Sir, with Love, and has inspired the television series Jeet. The film was shot in Nashik.